Our Machining Services include:
  • CNC Saw cutting.
  • CNC milling with 4th and 5th axis capabilities.
  • CNC Turning with live tooling capabilities.
  • Conventional milling and turning.
  • Experience with a wide range of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, brass, copper and more.
  • Prototype, small batch, and large production runs.
Milling Division 
  • HAAS VM-6 CNC Machining Center 64”(X) x 32”(Y) x 30”(Z)
  • Three HAAS VM-3 Machining Centers with Pallet Changers 40”(X) x 25”(Y) x 25”(Z)
  • HAAS VF-4 Machining Center with Pallet Changer 45”(X) x 19”(Y) x 20”(Z)
  • HAAS VF-6 CNC Machining Center 60”(X) x 30”(Y) x 30”(Z)
  • Kent KTM-3VS Manual Mill
  • Mazak Quickturn 200-II-MSY CNC Live Tooling Turning Center 12” Swing
  • Mazak Quickturn 250-II-MSY CNC Live Tooling Turning Center 14” Swing
  • Mazak Quickturn 250-II CNC Turning Center 14” Swing
  • Sharp 18” x 80” Engine Lathe 24” Swing 6” gap
  • Marvel PA 13/3 EPC Precision Automatic Saw
  • FMB Saturn +G Band Saw




Machining Gallery