Quality Clauses

The following Quality Clauses apply to every purchase order From Weiser Engineering, Inc.  If there are any questions about the content of these clauses, please contact Weiser Engineering, Inc. at (303) 280-2778 or email the buyer.

  Quality Management System The Supplier shall implement and maintain an effective quality management system that. (Monitored performance of a supplier may supersede the requirement for a quality system). Supplier compliance/certification to and International Quality Management System Standard is preferred, but is not mandatory.
  Nonconforming Material

Weiser Engineering, Inc retains all MRB Authority. Material which fails to meet the requirements and/or specifications of applicable drawings referenced on the Purchase Order shall not be shipped without prior written approval of Weiser Engineering, Inc. Use-As-Is and Repair dispositions on subject deliverable nonconforming materials must be approved by Weiser Engineering, Inc. A copy of the approval shall be enclosed with each shipment made against the Purchase Order.

The supplier shall provide Weiser Engineering, Inc. a report of nonconformities that may affect already delivered product. Notification shall include clear description of the discrepancy, identification of the suspect parts/components (this identification is to include manufacturing dates, serial numbers of applicable, quantity, any and all related pertinent information) and material affected by the deficiency, delivery dates, and any information to the root cause and corrective actions initiated by said supplier to address the defective condition described and to prevent the reoccurrence of the nonconforming condition.

  Product or Process Changes Changes to product design, materials or processes, which affect form, fit, function, performance, quality, reliability or safety shall not be implemented without written approval by Weiser Engineering, Inc. The Supplier shall notify Weiser Engineering, Inc. of changes to facilities or locations where the product was initially produced or when product may require a recall due to change in product or process.
  Corrective Action Requests When nonconforming materials received from suppliers are detected at Weiser Engineering, Inc. corrective action may be required. Suppliers are expected to communicate how they intend to correct the immediate discrepancy as well as what they intend to do to correct the root cause of the nonconformance and prevent recurrences should a corrective action be issued. Failure to respond in a timely manner may cause a delay in payment and adversely affect the supplier’s Quality Performance Rating.
  Preservation, Packaging, and Shipping Unless specific packaging instructions are called out by Weiser Engineering, Inc. on the purchase order, the supplier shall assure that material to be shipped is clean, dry and packaged in a manner that will afford adequate protection against corrosion, deterioration, and Physical damage during shipment. Containers with the shipping documentation, certifications, P.O. numbers, test data, and inspection data shall be clearly marked.
  Labeling All containers shall be properly labeled describing, as a minimum, the contents of the container. Labels for liquids, such as solvents, coating, machine oils, coolant etc.., shall comply with all applicable OSHA and EPA regulations, The Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) and the Clean Air Act, Section 611.
  Record Retention The supplier shall maintain records that provide objective evidence of compliance to the purchase order requirements and/or specifications. The records shall be maintained for a period of not less than fifteen (15) years from completion of said purchase order. Records shall be preserved and retrievable upon request by Weiser Engineering, Inc., our customers or our representatives.  At the end of the retention period records may not be destroyed without first allowing Weiser Engineering, Inc. and opportunity to take position of the records.
  General Workmanship Unless otherwise specified, material shipped against this Purchase Order shall be free of dents, gouges, burrs, scratches, sharp edges, foreign matter, or any other evidence of poor workmanship standards that shall create a condition that renders said part unsatisfactory for its intended use.
  Flow-Down Requirements Supplier shall adhere to all Quality Clauses and Purchase Order requirements to assure product conformance. All flow down requirements shall apply to supplier sub sources, when such sources are used for procurement of products for Weiser Engineering Inc. This includes the use of customer designated or approved providers.
  Calibration The supplier shall implement and maintain a system for the control and maintenance of measuring and test equipment. The Calibration System shall be documented, accountable, and traceable and provide for initial and re-calibration during the life of the equipment to traceable standards.
  Right of Entry The supplier shall reserve the right of entry for Weiser Engineering, Inc, our customers, representatives, and regulatory agency personnel, for access to any and all facilities where work is being performed against this purchase order. To allow inspections, surveys or system surveillance as part of verification of conformance to the requirements. Supplier’s denial of access may result in disqualification of future procurement with Weiser Engineering, Inc.
  Part Substitution The substitution of parts is not authorized without Weiser Engineering, Inc. written approval.
  Raw Materials Suppliers of Raw Materials (e.g. coils, sheets, rails, bars, rods, etc.) shall provide a Certificate of Compliance with actual results of physical and chemical test reports every time a shipment is made to Weiser Engineering, Inc. Material must be identified by heat lot number. Test reports must be traceable to the material supplied. Suppliers shall provide evidence of compliance to Weiser Engineering, Inc., including flow down to all sub-tier Suppliers, with each shipment.
  Segregation for Lots The Supplier will not co-mingle different date codes or production lots, nor combine resubmitted parts with new production parts. Parts may be submitted in one shipment provided the different date codes and lots are identified and segregated.
  Certification of Conformance

When requested, a certificate of conformance is required stating, “All

Purchase Order, Blueprint and/or Specification requirements have been met” and that

Inspection records, material certifications, and/or special process certifications (when

applicable) are on file and available for review. An authorized agent of the supplier must sign this certification. This certificate must also contain the Purchase Order number, part number, revision level and quantity shipped. Serialized items shall be identified by serial number and lot controlled items shall be identified by lot number.

  Control / Identification of Items with Limited Shelf Life

(Epoxy, Paint, Adhesives, etc.)

Items with limited shelf life shall be marked on the item, package or container with the manufactured date, storage temperature, special handling requirements, and expiration date of the items. All identification markings shall be placed in accordance with applicable specifications.

Sampling Inspection When the supplier is performing lot inspection sampling, instead of 100% lot inspection, a sampling plan with recognized statistical principles should be incorporated.  The use of a sampling plan in no way relieves the supplier of their responsibility to ship 100% conforming material.
  Hazardous Materials For any hazardous material, a safety data sheet (SDS) will be required.
  Counterfeit Material The seller shall maintain a method of commodity and item level traceability that ensures tracking of the supply chain back to the manufacturer of all material(s) being delivered. This supply traceability shall clearly identify the name and location of all of the supply chain intermediaries from the manufacturer to the direct source of the material for the seller. The seller shall ensure that only new and authentic materials are used in the material delivered.
  Personnel Requirements All personnel assigned by the supplier to perform the services in respect to Weiser Engineering, Inc. purchase orders shall be capable, skilled, qualified and competent to perform such services.  Additionally, personnel shall be aware of their contribution to product and service conformity, their contribution to product safety and the importance of ethical behavior.